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Lalor House, 293 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria

The Lalor residence at 293 Church Street Richmond was erected in 1888 for local medico, Dr. Joseph P Lalor, son of the celebrated Eureka Stockade leader and politician Peter Lalor. The arcaded, two storey brick, and stucco residence and surgery was designed in an original and exaggerated boom classicism style by American born, classically trained architect William George Wolf. The Lalor residence is an early career masterpiece of unknown but important boom period architect W G Wolf. The exemplary boom style classicism design, characterised by an innovative exaggerated use of massive classical motifs, harsh tonality and exuberant ormanent, is rivalled only by Benvenuta at Carlton and Labassa at Caulfield for period architectural importance in Victoria. Peter Lalor died at this house in February 1889 after a short stay in confinement. The Lalor residence and surgery has been used by the medical profession continuously from 1888-1973. The building remains intact and of high integrity externally. The iron palisade fence is preserved.

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