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1 (Medical):Also suffered from Anoxia, chest infections and dehydration. RICHARDSON, Amy Jane (I20547)
2 (Medical):Also suffered from coronary pulmonale and ischaemic heart disease. BERRY, Thomas Henry (I20548)
3 (Medical):Elizabeth suffered from senile decay MANN, Elizabeth (I6363)
4 (Medical):Generalised arteriosclerosis for many years prior to death. CHISHOLM, Margaret Ann (I5826)
5 (Medical):He also suffered from a Stoke, 7 days before his death.
He also suffered from diabetes mellitus for the past 5 years prior to his death. 
BALLINGER, Herbert Victor (I5733)
6 (Medical):He also suffered from Ileus Post Operative 3 days post his Colostomy Sigmoid Carcinoma 10 days prior to his death. SMITH, Charles Edward (I6344)
7 (Medical):He also suffered from Myocaruitus and chronic bronchitis for the past 4 years prior to his death. REICHERT, Leo (I5722)
8 (Medical):Henry Edwin suffered from Parkinson's Disease. KING, Henry Edwin (I6223)
9 (Medical):Isaiah was also suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis for a number of years prior to his death. MILLS, Isaiah (I4938)
10 (Medical):Louis suffered from senile decay. SCHMIDT, Louis Joseph (I6362)
11 (Medical):See attached sources. BATMAN, John (I3570)
12 (Medical):See attached sources. LEESON, Jane (I4016)
13 (Medical):See attached sources. MITCHELL, Helen Porter (I4539)
14 14 Jun 1828: Entered Customs & Excise - humbly desired to be instructed by Mr William Ada Officer of Dover 1st Division.

22 Dec 1829: Ordered that William Ada, Expectant in Canterbury Collection, be assistant in the room of William John Gore.

30 Dec 1830: William Ada dropt from Canterbury Division due to reorganisation following the repeal of the duties on beer and cider, to be provided for on the first convenient vacancy.

02 Jul 1831: Ordered that William Ada, Assistant in the 11th District, Town Establishment, succeed William Wilson, officer of Stroud 2nd Ride, Gloucester Collection, and that William Haythorpe, Expectant in Hull Collection, be Assistant in the room of Ada, on Sir John C Mortlock's Recommendation.

26 Nov 1835: That William Ada, Officer of Stroud 2nd Ride, succeed George Bishop, Officer of Wadhurst 2nd Ride, Sussex Collection, at his own request.

01 Dec 1838: William Ada ordered to move from Wadhurst 2nd Ride to Kirkintilloch 5th Division.

04 May 1839: William Ada moved from Kirkintilloch 5th Division to Denny Division, Stirling Collective, at his own request.

21 Mar 1842: Granted permission to transfer from Denny Division, Stirling Collection to Arundel Division, Sussex Collection.

01 Jun 1848: That William Ada, Officer of Arundel Division, succeed Thomas Greader, Officer of Gosport Division, at his own request.

01 Oct 1853: Made redundant from Gosport Division, one of dozens of Excisemen unemployed as C&E reorganised their Divisions, due to the abolishment of the duty on soap and changes in the mode of taxing Post Horses. 
ADA, William (I6241)
15 Ada Jane died at the age of 8 months old. GRIFFITHS, Ada Jane (I20021)
16 Ada Rhoda Prior died when she was 4 months old. LITTLE, Ada Rhoda Prior (I2383)
17 Agnes did not arrive with her parents from England and it can therefore be assummed that she died prior to departing for Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia as she would have only been 6 years old at the time of their travels commencing. FERGIE, Agnes Wallace (I2277)
18 Agnes died when she was 1 day old. PATERSON, Agnes (I5843)
19 Albert Alexander Clark died when he was 4 months old. RICHARDSON, Albert Alexander Clark (I20628)
20 Alexander Newland was sentenced at the Adelaide Goal for murdering his wife, Muriel and three of their children on 1 April 1920. LEE, Alexander Newland (I6912)
21 Alfred Andrew died when he was 11 weeks old. BIGGS, Alfred Andrew (I3390)
22 Alfred was 17 days old when he died. NETTLETON, Alfred (I5690)
23 Alice died when she was 4 days old. EGAN, Alice (I2572)
24 Alice Marian Phoebe was 1 day old when she died. WEIRE, Alice Marian Phoebe (I3657)
25 Alice Violet died when she was 7 weeks old. WINN, Alice Violet (I20155)
26 Alice was born at St George's, London, England. NUTKINS, Alice (I20893)
27 Allison died when she was 10 weeks old. CAMPBELL, Allison (I2366)
28 Amelia Anne died when she was 3 months old. TOWNSEND, Amelia Anne (I3200)
29 Amelia died when she was 2 months old. RICHARDSON, Amelia (I20627)
30 Amy died at home, 36 Mitford Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia WRIGHT, Amy (I6148)
31 Anastasia was 11 months old when she died. RYAN, Anastasia (I1548)
32 Andrew died when he was 14 days old. TAIT, Andrew (I6478)
33 Andrew died when he was 15 months old. MEIKLE, Andrew (I3882)
34 Ann was 2 days old when she died. WARDROPE, Ann (I3020)
35 Anna was 11 days old when she died. GRAHAM, Anna (I605)
36 Annie died at her home, 159 Collins Street East, Melbourne. JOHNSON, Annie (I20675)
37 Annie died when she was 12 days old. COLVIN, Annie (I2485)
38 Annie died when she was 16 days old. COLES, Annie (I4866)
39 Annie was born at St George's, London, England NUTKINS, Annie (I20892)
40 Archibald James died when he was 19 months old. PRATT, Archibald James (I20847)
41 Archibald John died when he was 5 months old. DONOVAN, Archibald John (I20644)
42 Arthr John died when he was 6 weeks old. LITTLE, Arthur John (I2379)
43 Arthur died at his home, 55 Intake Lane, Ossett, Yorkshire, England NETTLETON, Arthur (I20003)
44 Arthur died when he was 8 months old. BEISSEL, Arthur (I2825)
45 Asquith died at her home, The Gables, Ossett, Yorkshire, England MARSHALL, Asquith (I10002)
46 Baptised at the Parish of St James Norlands, Kensington, Middlesex, England. CLAPTON, Clara Agnes (I6428)
47 Baptised at the Parish of St James Norlands, Kensington, Middlesex, England. CLAPTON, Edwin Caleb (I6429)
48 Baptised at the Parish of St James Norlands, Kensington, Middlesex, England. CLAPTON, Mark (I6430)
49 Baptised at the Parish of St James Norlands, Kensington, Middlesex, England. CLAPTON, Albert (I6431)
50 Baptised at the Parish of St James Norlands, Kensington, Middlesex, England. CLAPTON, Kate (I6432)

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