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Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

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Tree: Victoria Pioneers
Latitude: -37.8, Longitude: 144.983333333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 A'BECKETT, Emma Minnie  1859Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I583 Victoria Pioneers 
2 ALTMANN, Frances Adelaide Louise  1878Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3043 Victoria Pioneers 
3 ANDERSON, Lilian Charlotte  1861Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2682 Victoria Pioneers 
4 ANTHONY, Ellen  1904Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20823 Victoria Pioneers 
5 ANTHONY, George McCarthy  1901Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20831 Victoria Pioneers 
6 ANTHONY, Henrietta  1906Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20825 Victoria Pioneers 
7 ANTHONY, Thomas John  1905Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20824 Victoria Pioneers 
8 APLIN, Emma  1860Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20272 Victoria Pioneers 
9 BAGLIN, Clarence Reginald William  1898Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I6679 Victoria Pioneers 
10 BATMAN, Frances  1854Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3609 Victoria Pioneers 
11 BEDGGOOD, Edward  1857Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3143 Victoria Pioneers 
12 BIGGS, Edwin Burville  1862Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3394 Victoria Pioneers 
13 BIGGS, Emily Laura  1861Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3393 Victoria Pioneers 
14 BIGGS, Isabella Alice  1858Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3392 Victoria Pioneers 
15 CHARLES, Arthur John  1880Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4289 Victoria Pioneers 
16 CHARLES, Elizabeth  1882Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4290 Victoria Pioneers 
17 CHARLES, George Alexander  1884Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4291 Victoria Pioneers 
18 CHARLES, Henry  1877Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4288 Victoria Pioneers 
19 CHARLES, Isabella  1886Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4292 Victoria Pioneers 
20 CHARLES, James  1860Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4284 Victoria Pioneers 
21 CHARLES, James  1888Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4293 Victoria Pioneers 
22 CHARLES, John Griffiths  Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4268 Victoria Pioneers 
23 CHARLES, William Crawford  1857Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4265 Victoria Pioneers 
24 CHARLES, William James  1875Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4287 Victoria Pioneers 
25 COLES, Alfred Thomas  1885Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4876 Victoria Pioneers 
26 COLES, Grace Dora Margaret  1888Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4902 Victoria Pioneers 
27 COLES, Maud Isabel  1888Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4879 Victoria Pioneers 
28 COLES, Thomas  1852Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4848 Victoria Pioneers 
29 COLES, William Fifefield  1883Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4875 Victoria Pioneers 
30 COOKE, Richard Henry Salkeld  23 Oct 1855Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2543 Victoria Pioneers 
31 DAVIS, Alfred  1880Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3451 Victoria Pioneers 
32 DAVIS, Francis  1876Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3449 Victoria Pioneers 
33 DAVIS, George  1874Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3448 Victoria Pioneers 
34 DAVISON, Jane  1861Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20435 Victoria Pioneers 
35 FIDDLER, John Henry  1852Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3509 Victoria Pioneers 
36 GINN, Henry  1847Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I1807 Victoria Pioneers 
37 HARDING, Alfred Augustus  1869Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20886 Victoria Pioneers 
38 HILL, Anna Maria  1853Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2787 Victoria Pioneers 
39 HILL, Edward Stafford  1853Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2786 Victoria Pioneers 
40 HOGG, Annette May Elizabeth Letitier  1873Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2082 Victoria Pioneers 
41 KINGSTON, Edward Percy  1875Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20192 Victoria Pioneers 
42 KINGSTON, James William  1874Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20191 Victoria Pioneers 
43 LALOR, Anne  1852Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4525 Victoria Pioneers 
44 LITTLE, Louisa Clara  1851Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2376 Victoria Pioneers 
45 LUPSON, John Thomas  Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2636 Victoria Pioneers 
46 MCCRAE, Thomas Ann Cole  1852Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I656 Victoria Pioneers 
47 MCGEE, Sarah  1854Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4361 Victoria Pioneers 
48 MILNE, David  1856Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4839 Victoria Pioneers 
49 MILNE, John Alexander William  1860Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4842 Victoria Pioneers 
50 NATHAN, Arthur  1876Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20284 Victoria Pioneers 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 ALTMANN, Frances Adelaide Louise  1879Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3043 Victoria Pioneers 
2 ANTHONY, Henrietta  1907Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20825 Victoria Pioneers 
3 BATMAN, Frances  1855Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3609 Victoria Pioneers 
4 BEDGGOOD, Edward  1858Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3143 Victoria Pioneers 
5 BIGGS, Edwin Burville  1863Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3394 Victoria Pioneers 
6 CHARLES, Henry  1879Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4288 Victoria Pioneers 
7 COLES, Alfred Thomas  1886Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4876 Victoria Pioneers 
8 COLES, Thomas  1852Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4848 Victoria Pioneers 
9 COLES, Thomas  25 Jun 1898Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4751 Victoria Pioneers 
10 COOKE, Lucinda Sophia  10 Jul 1889Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2541 Victoria Pioneers 
11 DAVIS, Blanche  1886Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3453 Victoria Pioneers 
12 DAVIS, George  1875Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3448 Victoria Pioneers 
13 DAVISON, Jane  1861Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20435 Victoria Pioneers 
14 HARDING, Alfred Augustus  1899Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20886 Victoria Pioneers 
15 HARDING, Frances Jane  1905Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20840 Victoria Pioneers 
16 HARDING, Frederick John  1875Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20884 Victoria Pioneers 
17 HARDING, George Edward  1901Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20859 Victoria Pioneers 
18 HARDING, George William  1899Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20882 Victoria Pioneers 
19 HILL, Mary Ann  1903Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I5687 Victoria Pioneers 
20 JENNINGS, Sarah  1889Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20860 Victoria Pioneers 
21 LYONS, Joseph John  Jan 1938Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I21014 Victoria Pioneers 
22 MCCRAE, Marion Rose  1852Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I655 Victoria Pioneers 
23 MILNE, David  1912Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4839 Victoria Pioneers 
24 NETTLETON, Alfred  1857Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I5690 Victoria Pioneers 
25 NETTLETON, Emma Llewellyn  1861Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I5692 Victoria Pioneers 
26 NETTLETON, Herbert Arthur  1860Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I5691 Victoria Pioneers 
27 NETTLETON, Peter  1901Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I5683 Victoria Pioneers 
28 NUTKINS, Ellen Frances  1880Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20865 Victoria Pioneers 
29 NUTKINS, Frederick George  1880Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20864 Victoria Pioneers 
30 O'DONNELL, Mary  1918Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20695 Victoria Pioneers 
31 POWELL, Isabella  21 Jan 1875Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4847 Victoria Pioneers 
32 PRATT, Frederick Norman  1900Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20838 Victoria Pioneers 
33 PRATT, Malcolm  1869Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20843 Victoria Pioneers 
34 REDHEAD, Mary Deriffe  17 Jul 1887Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20425 Victoria Pioneers 
35 SHELLEY, Thomas Wallace  1928Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20462 Victoria Pioneers 
36 SHELLEY, William Wallace  3 Nov 1886Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2653 Victoria Pioneers 
37 SHELLEY, William Wallace  1890Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20464 Victoria Pioneers 
38 SPENDLOVE, Mary  1873Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I3000 Victoria Pioneers 
39 SWANSTON, Henry  16 Nov 1890Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I6926 Victoria Pioneers 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Alt. Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 LEMPRIERE, Thomas Charles Chubb  1855Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I4535 Victoria Pioneers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 HARDING, Frances Jane  1872Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20840 Victoria Pioneers 
2 NUTKINS, George  1872Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I20839 Victoria Pioneers 
3 SHELLEY, William Wallace  1886Collingwood, Victoria, Australia I2653 Victoria Pioneers 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 MCGEE / MURDOCH  1856Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F1080 Victoria Pioneers 
2 PRATT / ANTHONY  1925Collingwood, Victoria, Australia F2291 Victoria Pioneers