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Matches 351 to 400 of 838

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351 Mary died when she was 8 months old. MCRAE, Mary (I1074)
352 Mary Elizabeth died when she was 3 months old. WHITE, Mary Elizabeth (I20349)
353 Mary Ellen died at her residence, "Rosario", Brook St, Hawthorn, Victoria. WOODLANDS, Mary Ellen (I20297)
354 Mary Margaret Nind was 6 months old when she died. ARCHER, Mary Margaret Nind (I3051)
355 Mary Olivia was 6 weeks old when she died. BARTER, Mary Olivia (I2506)
356 Mary was 1 month old when she died. WORTH, Mary (I3270)
357 Mary was 11 months old when she died. LALOR, Mary (I4526)
358 Mary was 2 days old when she died. DAVIS, Mary (I3454)
359 Mary was 6 days old when she died. NIMMO, Mary (I4791)
360 Mary was 70 years old when she died. NEWLANDS, Mary (I6830)
361 Mary was born near Geyers Hill, Allandale, South Australia HOOD, Mary Helena (I6971)
362 Maurice died when he was 9 months old. SHAW, Maurice (I3236)
363 Maurice James was 8 months old when he died. MCGAW, Maurice James (I3425)
364 May died when she was 9 month old. SHAW, May (I3237)
365 May was poisoned by her mother, Martha, using "Rough on Rats" poison. NEEDLE, May (I113)
366 May was re-buried on 10 Jul 1894 after her body was exhumed for the trial of her mother, Martha Needle (nee Charles).

Grave Location«tab» C/E B 2477 
NEEDLE, May (I113)
367 Michael died at the home of his parents. BERRY, Michael J (I20563)
368 Michael died when he was 10 weeks old. O'DONNELL, Michael (I20731)
369 Monica O'Neill died when she was 10 weeks old. ANDEAN, Monica O'Neill (I3850)
370 Muriel Gwendoline died when she was 5 months old. COLVIN, Muriel Gwendoline (I2487)
371 Muriel was poisoned by her husband, Alexander Newland, together with three of her children, who used struchnine to kill them. UNKNOWN, Muriel Estelle (I20076)
372 Musgrave Miller died when he was 15 months old. ANDERSON, Musgrave Miller (I2683)
373 Nathaniel died at his home, "Gramanda", 64 The Boulevard, Petersham, New South Wales. KINGSTON, Nathaniel (I20185)
374 Neil Frederick was 6 months old when he died. MILLS, Neil Frederick (I5574)
375 Nina was 2 months old when she died. WORTH, Nina (I3271)
376 Norman was 18 days old when he died. BOYD, Norman Gear (I594)
377 Noted as "BARR" BAGLIN, Thomas (I6646)
378 Noted as "Belalie East" WYATT, Julia Hannah Ann (I6869)
379 Noted as "Cox's Gardens" MORONE, Arthur (I6135)
380 Noted as "Crichton Dean" SWANSTON, Henry (I6926)
381 Noted as "DOWN" NELSON, Andrew Abernethy (I6613)
382 Noted as "DUNEED" BAGLIN, Robert Henry (I6663)
383 Noted as "Exeter" NEEDLE, Elsie (I111)
384 Noted as "Grays Inn Road" CLAPTON, George Mortimer (I6424)
385 Noted as "GREE" FELTWELL, Edith (I6170)
386 Noted as "HAM" EDNEY, Charles Anthony (I6328)
387 Noted as "Hopkins Town" NELSON, Margaret May (I6221)
388 Noted as "Hopkins Town" NELSON, Ruby May (I6224)
389 Noted as "Hornsby, Cumberland" WILLIS, Edward (I3776)
390 Noted as "INKE" HAYES, Amelia (I6406)
391 Noted as "Kooringa" HALL, James Henry (I6879)
392 Noted as "LAGO" TAIT, James George (I6491)
393 Noted as "Livingston, Ipswich" COWIE, John (I6435)
394 Noted as "MIMO" BAGLIN, James (I6655)
395 Noted as "Nerri Creek" THOMSON, William (I6553)
396 Noted as "Not Graz-Umgebung, Styria" WYATT, Julia Hannah Ann (I6869)
397 Noted as "Orchard Street, Marylebone" WILDE, Elizabeth (I6436)
398 Noted as "Pick Pocket" MOORE, Elizabeth (I6322)
399 Noted as "PORT" HOSIE, Charles (I20270)
400 Noted as "Queens Place, Notting Hill" COWIE, Robert (I6438)

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