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Matches 251 to 300 of 838

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251 Grave: Section S COPPIN, Polly Bishop (I2716)
252 Grave: WES A 0061 BEDGGOOD, Edward Lovey (I3125)
253 Grave: WES A 0062 BEDGGOOD, Eleanor Rowe (I3232)
254 Grave: WES A 0062 SHAW, Andrew Edward (I3233)
255 Grave: WES A 0063 BEDGGOOD, Daniel (I1373)
256 Grave: WES A 0063 ROWE, Ellen Eleanor (I3114)
257 Grave: WES A 0522 WEATHERILL, Samuel Watkins (I20201)
258 Grave: WES A 0522 WEATHERILL, Amy Mary Ann (I20210)
259 Grave: WES A 0522 WEATHERILL, Ruby Ellen (I20216)
260 Hannah died when she was 17 months old. HILL, Hannah (I2204)
261 Hannah died when she was 8 months old. LAMBERT, Hannah (I2798)
262 Hannah returned to reclaim a legacy inheritance. PASCOE, Hannah (I28)
263 Hannah was 85 years old when she died. BRAIN, Hannah Margaret (I6884)
264 Harold Edgar died when he was 4 months old. KINGSTON, Harold Edgar (I20194)
265 He died at his home, Marli on the Esplanade, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia. JOHNSON, James Stewart (I279)
266 He studied medicine. JOHNSON, James Stewart (I279)
267 Helen was 5 weeks old when she died. COLES, Helen (I4867)
268 Henry Edwin was cremated. KING, Henry Edwin (I6223)
269 Henry Horatio died at 12 Napier Street, Footscray, Victoria HUMPHREY, Henry Horatio (I5766)
270 Henry John died at his home, Clifton St, Richmond, Victoria. FARMER, Henry John (I20049)
271 Henry struck Sir David with the butt end of his gun SWANSTON, Henry (I6926)
272 Henry was poisoned by his wife, Martha, using "Rough on Rats" poison.

Initially his death was believed to be subacute hepatitis and enteric fever as described by Dr G.J. Hodgson of 71 Williams Road, Windsor, Victoria. 
NEEDLE, Henry (I109)
273 Henry was re-buried on 10 Jul 1894 after his body was exhumed for the trial of his wife, Martha Needle (nee Charles).

Grave Location«tab» C/E B 2477 
NEEDLE, Henry (I109)
274 Henry Wilson died when he was 3 months old. IRVING, Henry Wilson (I3569)
275 Herbert Arthur was 7 weeks old when he died. NETTLETON, Herbert Arthur (I5691)
276 Isabella was 1 day old when she died. MCCRAE, Isabella (I994)
277 Isabella was 4 months old when she died. LEMPRIERE, Isabella (I4718)
278 Jack's ashes were scattered from the HMAS ATTACK during a service conducted by D.M. Hill, Chaplain, Royal Australian Navy.

A memorial plaque is placed in the Victorian Garden of Remembrance, adjacent to the Springvale War Cemetery, within Springvale Necropolis (Police Road Entrance).

Location: Wall 140, Row B 
MORONE, Jack Arthur (I6142)
279 Jacob was born at Bay Road, Adelaide, South Australia HOOD, Jacob (I6953)
280 James died when he was 1 month old. SCULLY, James (I3403)
281 James died when he was 10 weeks old. BAGLIN, James Henry (I6662)
282 James died when he was 11 days old. TAIT, James George (I6479)
283 James died when he was 12 days old. CAMPBELL, James (I2359)
284 James died when he was 14 weeks old. WILSON, James (I2529)
285 James Stoddart died when he was 5 months old. WINTER, James Stoddart (I20071)
286 James was 2 days old when he died. MEIKLE, James (I3913)
287 James William died when he was 8 months old. KINGSTON, James William (I20191)
288 Jane died at St Leonards Street, Newington, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. HENDERSON, Jane (I6330)
289 Jane died when she was 1 day old. DAVISON, Jane (I20435)
290 Jane Gibson Edgar was 6 months old when she died. IRVING, Jane Gibson Edgar (I3545)
291 Jessie was 3 months old when she died. IRVING, Jessie (I3546)
292 Johann was born in Mittelgutschdorf, Germany (place not verified) KRIEG, Johnn Carl (I120)
293 John Archibald died when he was 5 months old. FERGIE, John Archibald (I2266)
294 John Arthur died when he was 6 weeks old. JENKINS, John Arthur (I20178)
295 John died at his home, Eildon, Grey Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia. CURRIE, John Lang (I284)
296 John died at the corner of Palmerston and Nicholson Streets, Carlton, Victoria. ANTHONY, John (I20821)
297 John died when he was 19 days old. CAMPBELL, John (I2361)
298 John died when he was 3 weeks old. LAMBERT, John (I2800)
299 John Dryden was 21 months old when he died. MEIKLE, John Dryden (I3921)
300 John had liabilities of 8,898 pounds and assets of 3,184. He claimed that he was stripped of 12,000 pounds in cash and ten houses. FAWKNER, John Pascoe (I26)

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