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Matches 101 to 150 of 838

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101 Edward Andrew died in the Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales ANCHER, Edward Andrew (I5265)
102 Edward Barrington was 18 months old when he died. PROWSE, Edward Barrington (I3662)
103 Edward bought the business from William Kerr for £300. WILSON, Edward (I271)
104 Edward died when he was 2 days old. ANDERSON, Edward (I2413)
105 Edward Joseph died at his home, "Riverlea", Gibdon St, Burnley, Victoria. WHITE, Edward Joseph (I20321)
106 Edward Stafford was 2 months old when he died. HILL, Edward Stafford (I2786)
107 Edwin died when he was 3 weeks old. BAGLIN, Edwin John (I6664)
108 Edwin Malpas was 7 weeks old when he died. OSBORNE, Edwin Malpas (I2333)
109 Edwin Robertson George died when he was 3 days old. COLES, Edwin Robertson George (I4884)
110 Eleanor Ellen was 15 months old when she died. RYAN, Eleanor Ellen (I1551)
111 Eleanor Phoebe Constance was 8 months old when she died. BEDGGOOD, Eleanor Phoebe Constance (I3187)
112 Eliza Ann was 4 months old when she died. WITTON, Eliza Ann (I1151)
113 Eliza was 14 months old when she died. HILL, Eliza (I2207)
114 Eliza was 6 months old when she died. SANTILLA, Eliza (I4454)
115 Elizabeth Ann was 16 months when she died. ARCHER, Elizabeth Ann (I3066)
116 Elizabeth died at her home, "Connewarre", Orrong Road, Elsternwick, Victoria. HILLYARD, Elizabeth (I20400)
117 Elizabeth died at her residence, Lady Fife House, St Kilda Road, Albert Park, Victoria PETRIE, Elizabeth (I20267)
118 Elizabeth died at Sussex Cottage, Albert Street, Footscray, Victoria DANIELS, Elizabeth (I5744)
119 Elizabeth died when she was 10 months old. HARDY, Elizabeth (I2758)
120 Elizabeth Jane died when she was 9 weeks old. WINN, Elizabeth Jane (I20153)
121 Elizabeth Marianne Frances was 22 months old when she died. WEIRE, Elizabeth Marianne Frances (I3631)
122 Elizabeth was 14 months old when she died. GROUND, Elizabeth (I2970)
123 Ella was 2 weeks old when she died. GUTHRIDGE, Ella (I1871)
124 Ellen died when she was 10 months old. FREEMAN, Ellen (I20253)
125 Ellen Frances was 3 months old when she died. NUTKINS, Ellen Frances (I20865)
126 Ellen was 1 day old when she died. WALSH, Ellen (I2353)
127 Ellen was born at "King", but the location cannot be confirmed. HOGAN, Ellen (I3459)
128 Elsey was poisoned by her mother, Martha, using "Rough of Rats" poison. NEEDLE, Elsie (I111)
129 Elsie was re-buried on 10 Jul 1894 after her body was exhumed for the trial of her mother, Martha Needle (nee Charles).

Grave Location«tab» C/E B 2477 
NEEDLE, Elsie (I111)
130 Emily Ann was 21 weeks old when she died. LAMBERT, Emily Ann (I2804)
131 Emily was 12 weeks old when she died. GUTHRIDGE, Emily (I1859)
132 Emma Llewellyn was 10 weeks old when she died. NETTLETON, Emma Llewellyn (I5692)
133 Ernest Horatio was 6 months old when he died. BATMAN, Ernest Horatio (I3612)
134 Ernest William died when he was 11 weeks old. WILMOTH, Ernest William (I3162)
135 Ethel Alice died when she was 2 months old. SHAW, Ethel Alice (I3234)
136 Eva Winifred died when she was 5 months old. DAWSON, Eva Winifred (I21006)
137 Eveline Edith was 5 months old when she died. BEDGGOOD, Eveline Edith (I3152)
138 Florence Elizabeth Augusta was 4 months old when she died. GUTHRIDGE, Florence Elizabeth Augusta (I1860)
139 Florence Josephine was born at her parents house in Gresson Street, Greymouth, New Zealand. ANCHER, Florence Josephine (I5242)
140 Florence May died when she was 4 months old. BELL, Florence May (I2153)
141 Florence was 6 months old when she died. TAYLOR, Florence (I1782)
142 Frances Adelaide Louise died when she was 7 months old. ALTMANN, Frances Adelaide Louise (I3043)
143 Frances was 5 months old when she died. BATMAN, Frances (I3609)
144 Frank died when he was 28 days old. COOPER, Frank Cooper (I1172)
145 Frank was 3 months old when he died. CHARLES, Frank (I4241)
146 Frederick Charles was 3 days old when he died. BELLINGHAM, Frederick Charles (I2312)
147 Frederick died when he was 1 month old. COLES, Frederick (I4870)
148 Frederick died when he was 11 months old. JOHNSON, Frederick (I2657)
149 Frederick George was 5 months old when he died. NUTKINS, Frederick George (I20864)
150 George Henry died when he was 7 months old. NUTKINS, George Henry (I20863)

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