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Matches 101 to 150 of 838

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101 Cremated Samuel BAGLIN
102 Noted as "BARR" Thomas BAGLIN
103 The shop was located between Punt Road and Lennox Street. Frederick BAINES
104 The shop was located between Albert Street and Lesney Street. John George BAKER
105 The shop was located between Green Street and Mary Street. J BALDERSON
106 She was noted as a "visitor" at her sister's home. Edith Ruth BALLINGER
107 (Medical):He also suffered from a Stoke, 7 days before his death.
He also suffered from diabetes mellitus for the past 5 years prior to his death. 
Herbert Victor BALLINGER
108 Martha Jane was deaf. Martha Jane BALLINGER
109 The ship arrived at Port Phillip, Victoria on 13 Dec 1852. Mary Anne BANKS
110 The shop was located between Allowah Terrace and Waltham Street. (Unknown) BARMBY
111 Mary died when she was 7 months old. Mary BARTER
112 Mary Olivia was 6 weeks old when she died. Mary Olivia BARTER
113 The shop was located between Bridge Road and Baker Street. Edmund BATES
114 Ernest Horatio was 6 months old when he died. Ernest Horatio BATMAN
115 Frances was 5 months old when she died. Frances BATMAN
116 (Medical):See attached sources. John BATMAN
117 The artist John Glover, his neighbour at Ben Lomond, said Batman was, 'a rogue, thief, cheat and liar, a murderer of blacks and the vilest man I have ever known'.
George Augustus Robinson wrote in his diary that Batman was 'a bad and dangerous character. He married a prison woman. He has recently lost part of his nose from the bad disease. Recently turned his wife out of doors because the prisoner servants said they saw the cook in the bedroom with his wife.'
Arthur praised Batman's work but commented drily, 'He has much slaughter to account for.' 
118 Capt Benjamin Baxter was in charge of a convict ship with his regiment, the 50th Regiment. Capt Benjamin BAXTER
119 The property was 25 acres. He purchased the land for 21 per acre. Capt Benjamin BAXTER
120 Grave: Section B Number 187 Clarissa Frances BEACALL
121 Grave: Section B Number 187 Jessie Harriet Maria BEACALL
122 The shop was located between Allowah Terrace and Waltham Street. William BEALE
123 Charles Jesse was 19 months old when he died. Charles Jesse BEDGGOOD
124 Grave: WES A 0063 Daniel BEDGGOOD
125 The shop was located between Lennox Street and Allowah Terrace. Daniel BEDGGOOD
126 Daniel Wesley was 9 months old when he died. Daniel Wesley BEDGGOOD
127 Grave: WES A 0061 Edward Lovey BEDGGOOD
128 Eleanor Phoebe Constance was 8 months old when she died. Eleanor Phoebe Constance BEDGGOOD
129 Grave: WES A 0062 Eleanor Rowe BEDGGOOD
130 Grave: IND A 0852 Elsie Rowe BEDGGOOD
131 Eveline Edith was 5 months old when she died. Eveline Edith BEDGGOOD
132 The ship arrived at Port Phillip, Victoria on 13 Dec 1852. George BEDGGOOD
133 John was 5 days old when he died. John BEDGGOOD
134 Grave: IND A 0852 John Charles Rowe BEDGGOOD
135 Mabel was 20 days old when she died Mabel BEDGGOOD
136 Percival Charles was 3 days old when he died. Percival Charles BEDGGOOD
137 Arthur died when he was 8 months old. Arthur BEISSEL
138 Charles Frederik was 1 day old when he died. Charles Frederick BEISSEL
139 The boy died when he was 6 months old. (Unchristened boy) BELL
140 Charles Norman was 3 weeks old when he died. Charles Norman BELL
141 The shop was located between Thomas Street and Bosisto Street. Edward Gascoyne BELL
142 The shop was located off Thomas Street. Edward Gascoyne BELL
143 Florence May died when she was 4 months old. Florence May BELL
144 Frederick Charles was 3 days old when he died. Frederick Charles BELLINGHAM
145 Walter Leslie was 10 months old when he died. Walter Leslie BELLINGHAM
146 Grave: R/C A 1651A Daisy Rose Muriel BENNETT
147 Grave: R/C A 1651A George Henry BENNETT
148 Grave: R/C A 1651A Lillian May BENNETT
149 The shop was located between Lyndhurst Street and Tudor Street. William BENSON
150 The service was held at the Cordell Chapel at 1 p.m. Alfred James Peter BERRY

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